Time Card



Magazine Ad


I was really unsure what I wanted to do for the magazine ad. So a did some research and looked at different ads to get an idea on how they displayed the product.

Web Presence


The Website assignment was probably my favorite. Each time I do a website I feel like I learn more and more each time. For my website, I used Muse again. For me, I feel like WordPress and Wixx don’t really let you do everything that you want to do, your very limited in the design aspect. Where Muse you can find different widgets and make the website unique.

3D Modeling



The 3D modeling was the most stressful for me this semester it never did anything that I wanted to and had other ideas in mind that I couldn’t excite because I still don’t know the software that well. For my wine bottle idea. I was looking for something unique and different, not just another wine bottle form. I came across this bottle but wasn’t met for wine but for oil. thought it was very interesting and different. With the whole trying to be different and most of all a product that will catch a person’s eye I decided to go with geometric animals. I first found a tutorial showing me how they went about turning animals into geometric shapes then from there I did a verity of different animals.


For the second time around I decided to try out Maya. Wasn’t hard to learn how to use the software but did use a lot of different tutorials to help learn my way around the software. It wasn’t to0 much of a big jump from blender to Maya. I got almost all the way through my wine bottle tutorial till I started having problems with applying the look of glass.

I thought it would be easy to find the plugin/material that I needed, like photoshop or blender where I find the material and I could just load it onto the software. With Maya I had to code it into the software, and there was nowhere online that showed how to do it, which was really frustrating. So then after that, I decided to switch back to blender. Was so close.